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Education & Youth Leadership
Los Angeles, CA
Funding Round

Sharhonda Bossier

CEO of Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC) Los Angeles, CA Award Year: 2021

Sharhonda Bossier is the CEO of Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC) and a committed advocate for Black and Brown children who have been denied educational opportunity. EdLoC supports talented leaders of color in education and related fields to thrive as disruptive and innovative agents of change. Under Sharhonda’s leadership, the organization is expanding its scope and focus by strengthening its growing multi-racial coalition and designing holistic solutions to disrupt cycles of generational poverty in the communities EdLoC serves. Sharhonda started her career in education as a public school teacher. She  brings years of legislative and electoral campaign experience in both volunteer and leadership capacities to her work. Among the variety of her experiences, she launched a multi-state education engagement and advocacy organization to help communities develop the skills and capacity to more effectively engage with policymakers and other community decision-makers.

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