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Grand Junction, CO
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Shannon Robinson

Community Activist and Member of the Positive Women's Network Colorado Grand Junction, CO Award Year: 2020

Shannon Robinson is a dedicated community activist and a member of the Positive Women’s Network Colorado (PWNCO) grassroots organizing team that inspires the women of Colorado to vote. She is currently advocating for the Law Enforcement Integrity Act in the CO Senate. After the murder of George Floyd, she helped organize a march for racial justice in Grand Junction that attracted hundreds of participants. She also helped organize the first-ever Juneteenth celebration in Mesa County.

Recent News
  • Shannon used her award to launch Action Is Safer, a community organization committed to Harm Reduction and fighting systemic oppression. This includes anti-harassment and safety planning workshops for community members and partner organizations. She also sponsored interns from marginalized groups whose work includes community outreach, education, and navigation of services for community members, such as stimulus check tracking and voter registration. The team recently partnered with Black Citizen’s and Friends for the second annual Juneteenth Pop-up Art Show and the Black Futures seed planting at the 2021 Celebration.

  • Shannon served on the state advisory committee for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the University of Colorado’s Naloxone champions campaign to create awareness of and prevent overdoses.

  • She recently appeared in an interview with Mesa County Libraries and ran an anti-bias workshop.

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