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Criminal Justice Reform
Minneapolis, MN
Funding Round

Oluchi Omeoga

Co-creator and Core Team member of Black Visions Collective Minneapolis, MN Award Year: 2020

Oluchi Omeoga is a Black trans organizer committed to dismantling systems of oppression and violence, and pursuing dignity and equity for all. They are a co-creator and Core Team member of Black Visions Collective, a Black-led local organization that is committed to a long-term vision in which ALL Black lives not only matter, but are able to thrive. Black Visions Collective seeks to expand the power of Black people across the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota and is at the forefront of the Defund the Police movement, having penned one of the first petitions to defund their city’s police department almost immediately after George Floyd was murdered. As calls to defund police departments echoed across the country, they forced elected officials to reckon with a movement that had suddenly broken into mainstream discussion. Oluchi was quoted, “It’s different than the 2013, 2012, 2017 iteration of the Black Lives Matter movement. We’re no longer asking for convictions or folks to be indicted. We’re asking for an actual narrative shift, a seismic shift in the systems of police.” Prior to becoming the National Organizer, Oluchi was also co-founder of the Black LGTBTQIA + Migrant Project, and focused on bringing most marginalized folks together to work toward liberation.

Recent News
  • Oluchi is using​​ their award to instill abolition to immigrant movements and spaces. When it comes to state-sanctioned violence, Black immigrants tend to believe they are not part of that conversation. Oluchi’s intent is to bridge conversations between American-born Black people and Black immigrants, building a shared future of liberation.

  • Oluchi is also helping Black Visions Collective fund their Yes 4 MN Campaign, to dismantle and defund the Minneapolis Police Department and invest in alternative community initiatives.

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