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Environmental Justice
Atlanta, GA
Funding Round

Maliyah Womack

Girl + Environment Atlanta, GA Award Year: 2023

Maliyah Womack is a passionate advocate for environmental justice and racial equity. She serves as the Community Manager at Girl Plus Environment, a national nonprofit with a diverse community of Black and Brown women and non-binary individuals from across the country. The organization’s mission is to educate, empower, and engage women of color about environmental, racial, and health inequities. Through organizing free workshops and community events, Womack actively works to educate and engage countless individuals, developing practical strategies to implement equitable initiatives that make a tangible difference in Black and Brown communities. Her commitment to creating positive change is evident in her role as one of the first Community Organizing Fellows for Defend Our Future, a national organization mobilizing young people to combat the climate crisis, promote environmental solutions, and hold policy makers accountable for a healthier, climate-stable future. As a Fellow, Womack collaborates closely with the rising generations in the Washington DC area, inspiring the next generation to become environmental champions. Her dedication to both environmental and racial justice runs deep, and she envisions making an even greater impact in the future by establishing her own nonprofit which aims to uplift young Black women and men, empowering them to drive lasting change in our society.

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