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Education & Youth Leadership
Denver, CO
Funding Round

Gabriella Carrethers

Founder of Youth Action Launchpad Denver, CO Award Year: 2020

Gabriella Carrethers was born in Denver, Colorado where she attended the University of Denver and earned her bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Socio-Legal Studies with a minor in Gender & Women’s Studies. Gabriella’s latest venture, Radical Moves, is an incubator for high school aged BIPOC youth to work on developing their skills in identity, leadership and advocacy. She is a passionate community advocate and educator who cares about social justice and equitable access to education, as well as racial justice and the counter-narratives of Black, Brown, and Indigenous folx. She believes that education is paramount in changing the lives of marginalized communities and making systems equitable for all. Her interest in education came through her work with youth after graduation. This experience helped sow the seeds of passion for student coaching, youth advocacy, and racial equity development.

Recent News
  • Radical Moves has been piloting its program since Fall 2021 with College Track Aurora through the Moonshot ed Ventures Fellowship and 4.0 Schools Fellowship.
  • Radical Movies is hosting a summer program in July 2022 and will be piloting its leadership program with local organizations and schools in Fall 2022.

  • Gabriella published this op-ed about her work.

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