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Environmental Justice
Seattle, WA
Funding Round

Dr. Tiara Moore

Founder and CEO of Black In Marine Science Seattle, WA Award Year: 2021

Dr. Tiara Moore is an environmental ecologist and Founder and CEO of Black In Marine Science (BIMS), a nonprofit that highlights the work of Black marine scientists as it spreads environmental awareness and inspires the next generation of scientific thought leaders. BIMS started as a week-long event following the harassment of Central Park birder Christian Cooper to amplify Black voices in the field, encourage younger generations, and shed light on the lack of diversity in marine science. BIMS created two YouTube series, BIMS Bites and BIMS Bites Kids, which focus on small “bites” of marine science topics presented by Black scientists to communicate science worldwide. They also host a conversation series called BIMS Dives, featuring prominent Black scientists answering questions on the most pressing ocean issues. BIMS is working to create outreach opportunities, scholarships for youth, as well as a documentary and coffee table book highlighting Black marine scientists. Dr. Moore is the founder of A WOC SPACE, a consulting and training company focused on changing the cultural climate for Women of Color (WOC) in the workplace. After completing her MS in Biology from Hampton University, she spent two months in Indonesia identifying the diversity and abundance of meiofauna in marine sediments across the coral triangle. Dr. Moore earned her Ph.D. in Biology from UCLA and is currently a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Washington and The Nature Conservancy.

Recent News
  • Dr. Moore is using her award to grow the Black In Marine Science YouTube channel, BIMS TV, and the three featured series: BIMS Bites, BIMS Bites Kids and BIMS DIVES

  • Dr. Moore has also spent time working with the ocean community to create internships, jobs, and networking opportunities that have amplified and supported hundreds of Black marine scientists around the world.

  • Dr. Moore will be conducting the workshop, “Establishing a Space for Women of Color in Ocean Sciences” at the Ocean Sciences Meeting.

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