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Education & Youth Leadership
Baltimore, MD
Funding Round

Diwee Sewell

The Get Ready for Obstacles in the World (GROW) Program Baltimore, MD Award Year: 2023

Diwee Sewell is an avid youth advocate who believes the people closest to the problems are closest to the solutions. He is the founder and Executive Director of Get Ready for Obstacles in the World (GROW) program, a nonprofit that mentors youth ages 9 to 17, with a focus on character-building and life skills. GROW builds up the men so that they can establish the leadership that has been missing and puts them in position to be mentors, or “narrative changers” with access to resources and opportunities that empower them. GROW has several programs to help youth develop, including a jobs program “Learn to Earn” and a financial literacy program “Cashapp Classroom” where young adults receive monetary incentives to learn life skills, algorithms to boost credit scores, and more. GROW also provides mental health services to the community through their Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. 

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