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Housing Justice
Brooklyn, NY
Funding Round

Bernell K. Grier

Executive Director at IMPACCT Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY Award Year: 2022

Bernell Grier is Executive Director of IMPACCT Brooklyn, a nonprofit fighting against tenant displacement and advocating for affordable housing. A proven leader with 30 years of experience in community development and nonprofit management, Grier previously served as CEO and COO for Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City (NHS), providing resources to stabilize neighborhoods. Through financial empowerment and affordable lending, the NHS enables individuals and families to invest in, preserve and improve their neighborhoods, homes, and future. During her time with the NHS, she guided the organization and its clients through the subprime mortgage crisis. Grier left Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City at a time of strength in 2015 and proudly turned it over to another Black woman to run. Grier is a leader of The Power Fund, an initiative launched by The Robin Hood Foundation that supports leaders who bring perspective, proximity, and expertise to the fight against poverty. 


Twitter: https://twitter.com/bk_grier

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